On Deck Build: An Olde Revamp is coming soon.

Hello-Hello. I have been in an out these past few weeks, with projects and updates, and thank you for all of the support from last weeks nesting boxes, fun and easy build that looks to have gone over very well. I looked through my DIY projects and laugh a some, and surprised by others, how time has gone by. To this very day, my number one viewed project and general build inquires are from my very first shared DIY, my DIY TV Stand. I built this actually a week or two before I posted it, didn't really know how to formulate a How-To very well (still don't). I have noticed a lot of my questions have formulated around gray areas of confusion with my directions, and reading back through it, I agree very confusing. So... my very next build in the lineup is going to be a revamp of my DIY TV Stand, with better instructions, better pictures, maybe even a little video (no promises). Hopefully I can shine some light on that build, and add just touches of experience I have obtained along my … [Read more...]

DIY Nesting Boxes

Hello-Hello. Back again with a very easy and very functional DIY Nesting Box tutorial. Before we jump in wanted to share some of what has been going on in the LMB household over the past few weeks, if you missed it from LMB or our social media. Well we finished up the front room shiplap, and what a job that was. I felt like I was cutting shiplap for days on days. I decided not to post about it, because not only have we posted about it before, I am sure how-to's are out there enough with how big the trend is right now. I really love the texture and character it brings to our home, and enjoy all the tedious work it takes to put up. I know there are some people out there starting to dislike this trend, but for our home I think it just belongs, and will always fit right in. As you already have read and witnessed over social media, LMB finally got her trip to Magnolia, and while I really-really wished I could have been there with her for all of her happy moments, I was very busy at home. If … [Read more...]

Never Stopping and Always Inspiring – Our Anniversary

Hello-Hello! Today is a special day for LMB and myself, we tied the knot 9 years ago today. We were young, and had no idea what we were doing, but we knew we didn't want anything else. I like to take these very fast years of our marriage and reflect on some wonderful moments of year 9, because to me this marriage is one big adventure, with one of the strongest and inspiring people in the world. This little gal has my heart. From the early morning coffee to the... "I JUST WANT TO GO TO BED... STOP COMING UP WITH PROJECTS!!!" She doesn't stop moving, and I do my best to catch up with her everyday. This fun new estate is what we have dreamed about 9 years ago. We are having so much fun changing, and making it ours, while learning what God has planned for us. We can't wait to chase the little niños around in the near future. The projects keep going and we keep laughing. We wake up every morning, and go to bed every night thankful for no more deployments, duties, and … [Read more...]

How to turn a ladder into a light fixture

Hey Guys! Project after project, they are stacking up. We are trying to get a lot of the projects that you need the door open for, out of the weight before the frigid Michigan winter creeps in. It is officially my favorite time of the  year, Fall. Yes, it's Pre-Fall, but the humidity is nearly gone and the windows are open at night. I am sure most you have already secretly indulged in pumpkin spice something, no judgement. My favorite morning brew right now is getting me through all of these projects, is actually a mixture. My buddy, from New York, sent me Death Wish Coffee and I have been mixing it with Pumpkin Spice Ground coffee in the french press, it'll get ya moving, that for sure. For this week's project I wanted to share with you how we turned a ladder into a light fixture. Disclaimer: Use the proper safety precautions when dealing with electrical, turn off power at the breaker, and consult a electrician if you do not have previous experience. Hanging the … [Read more...]

Why you need a Miter Saw

Hello and Happy Monday! LMB and myself are having so much fun this summer with the big move to our new farmhouse and helping keep up The Found Cottage. I can't believe The Found Cottage has been open for over 6 months now, and the overwhelming amount of support from both local Michiganders to people across the state. LMB and her two other partners in crime, have been doing such an amazing job, I was so happy to give them a hand in opening the doors. The adventures at the farmhouse have also been so much fun. I have to say for a DIY blogger couple, right now our biggest challenge is where to start first. "So much room for activities." While our hopes and dreams begin to be imagined, the DIY list piles up. I am trying to get in the new routine of just life being in a new home, let alone figuring out my DIY schedule and blogging time. LMB posted the home tour video a few weeks back, I think Mr. LMB should do a Garage/Workshop tour soon, but not right now (it turned into our temporary … [Read more...]

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