DIY Simple Farmhouse Dinning Table


Hey Guys, welcome back! I hope everyone is having a great summer so far. The really warm weather has settled in here in Michigan, so LMB and myself have been planning our first Lake Michigan outing. We haven't been to the Lake since this winter, so we are so very excited. With summer so jam packed, finding ways to build  quality projects in a short period of time has become a necessity. So, this build I really wanted to share with you guys. This DIY simple farmhouse dinning table took me all of 1/2 of a day to build and 1/4 of a day to stain and paint. It is so very simple, it may actually take longer to drive to the store get your materials, than the actual build itself. First, take a look at how it turned out. The Plan. Our piece was to be built to replace the current one we had because of some design characteristics we did not like about it, and to fit our space better. So we measured how much larger we would like this table to be and we had an idea of the pre-fabricated … [Read more...]

Basket Caddy Stand


Hey Guys, welcome back. Summer has officially kicked off, and it is a little damp in our neck of the woods so far, but LMB and myself are so excited for the much missed and loved Michigan summer. While we lived in North Carolina, we dreamed of moving back and enjoying the High 80 's and moderate humidity, compared to the blistering 100 degrees and nearly 100% humidity we felt in NC all summer. There is nothing like hitting the beaches during the day, and having to throw on a sweatshirt at night around a campfire. Although we may not see those sunny days quite yet, we do know it is summertime because of all the family and friends graduation parties. I don't think we have mentioned this before, but my mom is 1 of 13, and all but one of my aunt/uncles has kids, and their kids have kids and so on. So needless to say about 10 years ago we added up all the people in the family and back then we were about 60 cousins, so graduation time is a very busy time of the year for us . This year was an … [Read more...]

DIY Window Bookshelf


Hey Guys, welcome back readers and welcome back sunshine. As the weather begins to climb the ladder towards summer, LMB and myself are becoming much more inspired to create some fun and exciting projects for both inside an outside the home, that breaks from the trend of tables and benches. When I build I tend to focus a lot of attention on perfection. The perfect cut, the perfect angle, the perfect wood...ect. This build really challenged me, because I was using older and weather wooden windows that were missing pieces and not planed or straight on all sides, but the idea of this bookshelf was to create something of use and decorative, out of windows with broken glass panes or non-existent glass all together. This week we created a window bookshelf from some old antique windows and added chicken wire to fill our void. Here is how it turned out.  Now if you are like LMB and myself, and purchase or find old windows along multiple junkin' outings, you most likely have a variety of … [Read more...]

DIY Buffet Server


HELLO! Craftsman Drive has finally come out of the hibernation, and is ready for spring. I have had a few projects in the works over the past weeks, but settling into our new home, finding all my tools, and enjoying a Michigan winter again, have put a couple posts on the back burner. I apologize for the lengthy hiatus, but I am back, and get ready for some fun and easy DIY's to hit the site. As you probably know from following LMB we have moved into a smaller home, with some unique spaces. The house has challenged us to get really creative to build and design some ascetically pleasing pieces, but get the most out of them as far as storage and practicality with a minimal footprint. I really like making buffets and tables, so here is what I came up with for a smaller DIY buffet server for our nook area. The top, is a rough 2 x 8 @ 8ft piece of fir from The Home Depot, that I cut in half for each side of the top. The actual measurement for the lumber was 8' 1/4'', so it was … [Read more...]

Grand Haven Day Trip


Hey Guys, I was going through the blog and realized I have done a lot of tutorials over the past few months and nothing else; so I wanted to chime in and share a fun trip LMB and I went on this past weekend. Since we have moved back to the lovely state of MI, and have truly enjoyed rediscovering our home state. We have been talking about a winter day trip to Grand Haven, MI for years, and finally we did it. Grand Haven is home to childhood memories, a huge Coast Guard festival, but more importantly it is home to where Mr. and Mrs. LMB got engaged. Grand Haven usually offers up some pretty cool shots during the winter with ice formation along the lighthouse and pier, helps you forget how cold it is outside and it allows you to soak in all of the beauty. A trip to Grand Haven wouldn't be complete without a stop at Pronto Pups, a world famous corndog stand, today was the last day it was open until summer and this weekends' proceeds went to the Hospice Residence of … [Read more...]

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