DIY Pallet Popcorn Cart


Hey Guys, finally back in the NC from a busy trip home to Michigan. My little sister graduated this year, and we got lucky enough to be home for it. While we were home, my mother scheduled her open house a few days later before we headed back down south. My mom, like always, went over the top for my sisters open house, and decorated it to the "T". As soon as we showed up to Michigan she put LMB and myself to work. She wanted us to make a DIY pallet popcorn cart, so with the help of my … [Read more...]

8 Things I wish I knew Before Moving

PicMonkey Collage

The move is done and the house is staged. We have been in the house over a week now and if you have been keeping up with LMB, you have seen a few updates on how we made it our home. Not many projects have come across the bench, and a few weeks have gone since my last post. I wanted to give you a list of a 8 things I wish I knew before moving. A few unforeseen lessons learned from this move that helped us get our home staged so quickly. 1. Box items based on priority. Regardless if you are … [Read more...]

DIY Laptop Tray


Hey guys! Sorry again for gap between post. We are in the process of moving, and that has been eating up a lot of our time. However, last weekend I squeezed in an easy and simple DIY project before I packed up the tools. LMB and myself do spend a few hours each night on the laptops, between blogging, social media, and school work, and they can get annoyingly hot. LMB has an older MacBook, and after about 20 minutes on the lap or the covers (when blogging in bed), it begins to sound like a small … [Read more...]

Fitbit Flex Review


Hey Guys, sorry for such a long gap between posts. We are in the middle of selling our home and moving, so projects have been on the back burner, but your patience will pay off. We have some great ideas and projects coming up for our possible rental(click here for a video). 3 weeks ago, LMB finally upgraded her old iPhone 4, yes iPhone 4, "s" was not included. Like most stores, the more your spend the bigger the discount; and like most guys, if your wife is getting a new gadget, you MUST get a … [Read more...]

Bathroom Mirror Upgrade


If you follow LMB, you know we have been preparing the house to be put on the market over past few weeks. We set out around the house to find really easy and cheap DIY projects that would add just that bit of icing to our home. We decided to upgrade our bathroom mirrors. This project was very easy and cost near nothing, and only took about an hour and a half for both mirrors. Here is how they turned out. The Materials. Base molding Bathroom liquid nail  The Tools. A Miter Saw Pocket … [Read more...]