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DIY Sanding Block


This weekend LMB was distressing a card catalog and all we had in the house with used sanding block that was as rough as a piece of paper. I was scrounging around my tools and supplies and found a new 80 grit sheet of sandpaper. LMB really enjoys using sanding blocks on pieces of furniture rather than sandpaper, so I threw together some scrap pieces of  left over projects and this is what I came up with. The Material. Sandpaper (grit of your choice) Nails Scrap Wood Spray Adhesive The Tools. Hammer I found a scrap piece of wood that the entire sheet would wrap around. I sprayed a light coat of 3M all-purpose adhesive to the piece of wood, lay the sheet of sandpaper on top and press it down for a few minutes. Next wrap the sheet around to the backside of the board. To get some leverage, and keep the paper in place I made a little handle from a smaller piece of left over trim. I placed it on top of the wrapped piece of wood and nailed it down. Obviously the sheet of … [Read more...]

DIY TV Console


Hey Guys, finally back at building again. LMB went on a little trip a few weekends back and I stayed back to build a much needed TV console for our bedroom TV. We wanted something that would really bring our space together for our overall bedroom makeover. Here is how it turned out. For this piece I started from the bottom and worked my way up. The base board that is going to be the bottom enclosed space is 48 inches long plywood board and 16 inches deep. Attach the support (legs) for the very top of the TV console at each corner of the plywood. Each support board is cut to 32 inches. I used a pneumatic nail gun to hold the boards in place, and followed up is a wood screw to give it a stronger joint. Next, connect all of the vertical boards to the adjacent boards (make a box). I used pocket holes and countersinks to attached the horizontal boards so the screws are not visible. This is going to be the support for your TV consoles very top surface., I lifted the bottom to allow … [Read more...]

Dream Kitchen Planning

Untitled 2

As you already know LMB and myself will be moving back up to the warm state of Michigan come November. We are currently renovating our next home, and getting it ready for us to move back. A few things have been done already, and a few things are going to wait for when we are there. The current decisions that are being discussed in the LMB household is our kitchen. Since one of my hobbies is cooking (eating), having a beautiful and functional kitchen space is one my top priorities for this renovation. I want my dream kitchen to be home to some of my favorite meals (tacos and... tacos) and the current state of the kitchen in our next home is non-existent, I mean floorboards and walls. We are picking everything out from the flooring, to the cabinets, countertops and light fixtures. And here a few inspirational pieces the we have found along the way. {For all sources click here}  Any kitchen space is inherently messy, it is home to crumbs, spills, splatters, and OOPS's; an in order to … [Read more...]

DIY Slotted Wood Table Top


Welcome back! It has been a very busy summer for LMB and I. We have a few project completed already but I haven't been able to put it up on the blog. If you coming over from LMB's latest post and want to know how to add a little rustic touch to your already existing coffee table, you are in the right spot. This DIY Slotted Wood Table Top is a really easy way to upgrade an older piece of furniture, and here is how it turned out. The Tools. Miter Saw Tap Measure Drill Drill Bit Nails The Materials. 1/4 thick Plywood (12) 1 x 3 inch boards. (4) 2 1/2 inch brackets Stain Hammer C-Clamp Dremel with polisher tip (optional) First, determine the dimensions of the already existing table top. Our table was originally from World Market, and it measured at 29 inches x 48 inches. I market out my plywood and cut to the same measurements as the table top. After the plywood is cut, determine how much overhang, if any, you want for your slotted wood top (we choose not to have any … [Read more...]

DIY Pallet Popcorn Cart


Hey Guys, finally back in the NC from a busy trip home to Michigan. My little sister graduated this year, and we got lucky enough to be home for it. While we were home, my mother scheduled her open house a few days later before we headed back down south. My mom, like always, went over the top for my sisters open house, and decorated it to the "T". As soon as we showed up to Michigan she put LMB and myself to work. She wanted us to make a DIY pallet popcorn cart, so with the help of my stepfather, this is how it turned out. The Materials. (2) Wood Pallets (1) 1/2 inch pipe (6) Square Deck Spindles (2) Wooden Wheels (1) 3/4 x 12 x 38 Wood Board (7) 8in Letters (1) Can of Spray Pain (Cherry by Krylon) (2) Barbell Collars (1) 2 x4 Hot Glue Stick Wood Screws Nails Burlap The Tools. Drill Level 1/2 inch Spade Bit Hammer Chalk Reel Circular Saw Miter Saw Builders Square Tape Measure Hacksaw Metal File The Build. Along the outside of the third support board … [Read more...]

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