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Grand Haven Day Trip


Hey Guys, I was going through the blog and realized I have done a lot of tutorials over the past few months and nothing else; so I wanted to chime in and share a fun trip LMB and I went on this past weekend. Since we have moved back to the lovely state of MI, and have truly enjoyed rediscovering our home state. We have been talking about a winter day trip to Grand Haven, MI for years, and finally we did it. Grand Haven is home to childhood memories, a huge Coast Guard festival, but more importantly it is home to where Mr. and Mrs. LMB got engaged. Grand Haven usually offers up some pretty cool shots during the winter with ice formation along the lighthouse and pier, helps you forget how cold it is outside and it allows you to soak in all of the beauty. A trip to Grand Haven wouldn't be complete without a stop at Pronto Pups, a world famous corndog stand, today was the last day it was open until summer and this weekends' proceeds went to the Hospice Residence of … [Read more...]

DIY Window Cabinet


Welcome back to Craftsman Drive, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and the New Year is going well. LMB and myself finally had a chance to fully enjoy the Christmas time without the rush of coming into town on vacation and squeezing four families in a week before heading back. We got to take our time and it was really nice not worrying about the trip back to NC. Now that we are rooted in MI and slowly getting settled in, I finally had an opportunity to build a DIY window cabinet, and here it is. How To. 1. Measure the dimensions for your window. You will be building a box around the perimeter of this window with an 1/16th gap all the way around. The size of the boards I used for the bottom, sides, and top were 1x8. I left a half of an inch overhang on the top board just for esthetic appeal. 2. Fit in the shelves. All I did was place the shelf at the level where the horizontal muntin, or strip of wood that separates the window panes met. The shelves are 1x8 as well but … [Read more...]

DIY Mason Jar Hold


Hey Guys! Welcome back to Craftsman Drive. The past two months have been very busy and chaotic in the LMB household, as I am sure you already know... leaving NC, departing the military, and coming home to the good ole MI, not to mention the holidays. Well I am happy to say, we are finally close to being settled in, and projects are in the works. LMB wanted to revisit an old project we did a while ago, way before Craftsman Drive, the DIY Mason Jar Holder. She has been receiving some inquires about some tips and tricks to building the DIY Mason Jar Holder, and so we built a few new ones, and here is the tutorial revamped. The Material. 4 - 4 inch diameter Pipe Clamps 4 - Wide mouth Mason Jars 1 - 1 x 4 Board (Pine) 4 - 1/2 inch self tapping metal screws Picture hanger Paint of choice The Tools. Drill Center Punch Hammer Tape measure Pencil Locate where you want to fasten the pipe clamp to the board, pace a mason jar in the pipe clamp and tighten it down. Rest the … [Read more...]

DIY Sanding Block


This weekend LMB was distressing a card catalog and all we had in the house with used sanding block that was as rough as a piece of paper. I was scrounging around my tools and supplies and found a new 80 grit sheet of sandpaper. LMB really enjoys using sanding blocks on pieces of furniture rather than sandpaper, so I threw together some scrap pieces of  left over projects and this is what I came up with. The Material. Sandpaper (grit of your choice) Nails Scrap Wood Spray Adhesive The Tools. Hammer I found a scrap piece of wood that the entire sheet would wrap around. I sprayed a light coat of 3M all-purpose adhesive to the piece of wood, lay the sheet of sandpaper on top and press it down for a few minutes. Next wrap the sheet around to the backside of the board. To get some leverage, and keep the paper in place I made a little handle from a smaller piece of left over trim. I placed it on top of the wrapped piece of wood and nailed it down. Obviously the sheet of … [Read more...]

DIY TV Console


Hey Guys, finally back at building again. LMB went on a little trip a few weekends back and I stayed back to build a much needed TV console for our bedroom TV. We wanted something that would really bring our space together for our overall bedroom makeover. Here is how it turned out. For this piece I started from the bottom and worked my way up. The base board that is going to be the bottom enclosed space is 48 inches long plywood board and 16 inches deep. Attach the support (legs) for the very top of the TV console at each corner of the plywood. Each support board is cut to 32 inches. I used a pneumatic nail gun to hold the boards in place, and followed up is a wood screw to give it a stronger joint. Next, connect all of the vertical boards to the adjacent boards (make a box). I used pocket holes and countersinks to attached the horizontal boards so the screws are not visible. This is going to be the support for your TV consoles very top surface., I lifted the bottom to allow … [Read more...]

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