DIY Laptop Tray

DIY laptop tray

Hey guys! Sorry again for gap between post. We are in the process of moving, and that has been eating up a lot of our time. However, last weekend I squeezed in an easy and simple DIY project before I packed up the tools. LMB and myself do spend a few hours each night on the laptops, between blogging, social media, and school work, and they can get annoyingly hot. LMB has an older MacBook, and after about 20 minutes on the lap or the covers (when blogging in bed), it begins to sound like a small military aircraft starting up in our house. We had tucked away, handy folders and textbooks, to put under the laptops to keep the bottom cool and allow for the fan to breath, but that became a little annoying; especially if the book is in “no-man’s land” (bedtime no-man’s land = if an object(s) cannot not be reached while maintainingĀ at least one leg on the bed, it is in no man’s land.). So I decided to make my own DIY laptop tray, out of scrap wood and a few items we had around. Here is how it turned out.


The Tools:

Miter Saw



Drill Bit

Counter Sink Bit

Caulk Gun

The Material:

Flooring Tile



Loctite Power Grab (adhesive)


Handle with Screws

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

The Technique.

I bought a sample floor tile I thought would look nice, measuring 24″x 12″. This is going to be the majority of the surface to make sure you like the design of it. I had extra plain wood for trim in the garage, from a previous project, so I used that for the frame around the tile. The trim measures 1 inch wide and 3/8 thick, this matches the thickness of the tile. The last item for this project is the bottom board, that everything is going to rest on. First, cut the bottom board to the total length and width of the tray. The total dimensions for my tray is, 26″ x 14″ (the tile is 24″ x 12″, and the trim around the tile adds 1″ on each side). Next, cut the trim at 45 degrees, this will frame in the tile. After the trim is cut, everything is ready to put together. Grab plenty of clamps, you can never have enough, and get the caulk gun ready with the Loctite inside of it. Apply the adhesive to the trim, and apply each side of the trim on to the board. Once the trim is in place, quickly apply a generous amount to the bottom side of the tile, and place it in the center. Now, put the rest of the clamps in place, and wipe away any excessive adhesive. Set this aside for the prescribed time, I allowed 24 hours before touching it again. Once everything is dry, paint away. I used 3m Scotch Blue painters tape, to tape off the tile. After the paint is dry, and you are happy with the amount of layers, mark out where you want the handle to be. I drilled from the bottom, the same diameter of the screw used for the handle. Also, I used a countersink drill bit, to recess the screw into the wood, so when you set the tray down it wouldn’t scratch anything. Once both handles are in place you are done.


I know most laptop trays have a soft or pillow-like attachment underneath, I did not add this. The weight from all the material provides a comfortable feel without the need of the pillow. This size is larger than your typical laptop tray, but I find it to be the perfect size for school work and blogging. Or as you can see from the photos, LMB like to use it to blog, check instagram, and drink Startbucks. I had a lot of extra pieces around, I only purchased the tile and handles, that totaled 6 dollars. Looking at the full price of everything, this can easily be under $15.00. That is all! Let me know what you think. Find me on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. After this move, many more post will be hitting the blog, so stay tuned. Thanks.


  1. Michelle says:

    Thanks so much for this post! My husband’s been asking me what I want for Mother’s Day & after seeing this I think I will ask him to make one for me. Thank you for the step by step directions too. Hopefully that will make it an easier sell. Hand made gifts mean so much more.


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