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Hey Guys, finally back in the NC from a busy trip home to Michigan. My little sister graduated this year, and we got lucky enough to be home for it. While we were home, my mother scheduled her open house a few days later before we headed back down south. My mom, like always, went over the top for my sisters open house, and decorated it to the “T”. As soon as we showed up to Michigan she put LMB and myself to work. She wanted us to make a DIY pallet popcorn cart, so with the help of my stepfather, this is how it turned out.

IMG_20140530_141905505_HDR (1)

The Materials.

(2) Wood Pallets

(1) 1/2 inch pipe

(6) Square Deck Spindles

(2) Wooden Wheels

(1) 3/4 x 12 x 38 Wood Board

(7) 8in Letters

(1) Can of Spray Pain (Cherry by Krylon)

(2) Barbell Collars

(1) 2 x4

Hot Glue Stick

Wood Screws




The Tools.



1/2 inch Spade Bit


Chalk Reel

Circular Saw

Miter Saw

Builders Square

Tape Measure


Metal File

The Build.

Along the outside of the third support board (underneath the top slatted wood), cut both pallets, this will thin the pallets out to make the scale of the build more appropriate. Decide which pallet is going to go on the bottom, pop off the top back edge piece of top wood (leave the bottom back edge), this will allow you to gain access to drill the hole for the 1/2 inch pipe. Measure out the center of each piece that the pipe will be going through. Drill a 1/2 inch hole with the spade bit. During drilling carefully wiggle around the drill to wallow out the hole just a little to make the 1/2 inch pipe go through a little easier. It is a very tight fit, so we had to tap in the pipe with a hammer. Once the pipe is tapped in, put the wheels on and cut off the excess with a hacksaw. I took a file to the edges of the pipe to soft them a little. To keep the wheels in place, we used some old barbell collars that fit perfectly on the pipe and looked good against the wheels.

IMG_20140529_153252743_HDR (1)

IMG_20140529_160428137 (1)

Next, determine the height of the top shelf, and measure in the front legs and the back legs. The front legs are going to be longer since they will be resting on the ground. The back legs are going to be sitting on the bottom pallet, and you will have to notch out where axel of the pipe runs. Once the legs have to cut to size, place a level on the bottom pallet and install the front and back legs. Place the top pallet on and install it to the legs as well.

IMG_20140530_103500845 (1)

For the upper frame that holds the Popcorn sign and burlap. I used 3 square deck rails to make a frame for the frontside and the backside, I put them together using 45 degree cuts with a miter saw and build an upside down “U” and attached them to the upper pallet. For the handle of the cart, we took scrap piece from the edge of the pallet that was removed in very beginning. Drill halfway into the piece of scrap wood with a 1/2 inch spade bit, fit and tapped in left over metal from the axel and screwed the handle on the inside of the top pallet. We draped the burlap over the top frame and installed the Popcorn sign (click here to see how LMB made the popcorn sign.)

IMG_20140530_104706192_HDR (1)
IMG_20140530_124859170_HDR (1)
IMG_20140530_125049080 (1)

That is it! Let me know what you think, or if you have made something like this before with old wood pallet. If you have questions leave a comment or find me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Thanks.


  1. This is so much fun! We had a popcorn bar at my sister-in-law’s baby shower… but this would have made it 100x better. Thanks for the tutorial!


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