4 Reasons You Should be happy when your wife asks you to do a DIY project


DIY DIY DIY! In recent years, the DIY market has really grown back into its original form. People are trying to get high dollar looks for pennies, and the number one way you can do that is by doing it yourself. To those husbands, whose wife thinks so highly of them, and they can do anything… This one is for you.

4 Reasons You Should Be happy When Your Wife asks to do a DIY project.

1. Add to the collection

I have collected many tools over the years. I can turn wood with my Delta lathe, bend it with my Rockler Steam Bending Box, cut, drill, and route anything with my Ryobi arsenal. This is all due to a good sales pitch.

There is great opportunity to add a new tool to the family with the help of a good sales pitch. If you need help or a place to start these have pretty high success rates with LMB:

Yes, I would love to you, but I think i’m going to need…[New Tool].

Yeah I should be able to do that job with what I have… may take me a bit longer since I don’t have a [New Tool].

I thought I could do it without a [New Tool], but unfortunately I think I am going to have to go get a [New Tool].

A big takeaway, if you do win her over, don’t jump right up for the next DIY request. You have to play the same cards, don’t want to let the cat out of the bag.

2. Work for that proud moment

You know as soon as you get the project done, the show off time is right around the corner. Friends, family, and in my case the entire internet, will see the before and after of transformed spaces or builds. Work for that moment. You could continue to sit back with a cold one watching your seasonal favorite sports team, but think about the pride you will have when your wife boasts your accomplishment. You can walk away from the project, knowing you did that yourself.


3. Never stop learning

Attitude is everything. When your approached to do a DIY project pencil it on the to-do list. Don’t think of it as a job you need to get done or just another task for the weekend. This is an opportunity for continued learning and practical application. How many times do you sit back, watch a HGTV show remodeling or building something. Seems simple right? You could that? Bring that same attitude to the table, and learn from this upcoming adventure and show off some skills you acquired in your last build.


4. Appreciate the smaller things.

Step back and take in the experience… appreciate the smaller things. A little over a year now, LMB lost her Grandpa. A loss that still tears the eyes and stings the heart. Those last months we made it more of our routine to visit Grandpa. We would sit, talk sports, and family memories. The amount of fine detail he recalled about a farmhouse him and Grandma re-did spoke volumes to me. Things at the time, I bet he didn’t think he’d be recalling 30 years later. LMB and I get to tackle this projects as a time, and we enjoy them to the fullest. I hope I can recall at least half of this memories and those to come.


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  1. Barbara says:

    What a darling couple ya’ll are! Yes, my hubby would love the “Add to the collection” point!:)

    • craftsmandrive@gmail.com says:

      Thank you Barbara, such kind words. I know I am kind of letting the cat out of the bag with that one, but hey it’s a Win-Win. Thanks for reading.

  2. Kelley Woerther says:

    That spoke to my heart. We are new to DIY’ng so to speak, but we are not young and 33 years into our marriage. I am keeping this sweet article close to me. Thank you for sharing, it speaks point on.

  3. You do beautiful work, and you definitely get the whole internets “high fives” on your accomplishments 😉

  4. Mr FPM loves to “add to the collection” when I ask him to do yet another DIY. lol
    I honestly believe that it takes a special kind of couple to DIY together. Love this post. 🙂
    Happy DIY’ing my friend! Wendy from frontporchmercantile.com

  5. So nice to have met you at Haven! What a wonderful post! Way to embrace Liz’s love of all things DIY! Y’all rock!

  6. Monica Karr says:

    The only comment I can add is “Festool”! At least that the exchange rate in our house! 🙂 I can’t wait to share with my husband. Love your post.

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