What’s Next? Finding Success with Simple Motivation

What's Next-
Tis the season for projects. Summer is slowly cooling down, clearing the path for my favorite season… Fall! I love summer, but Fall is my season. The baking, the color, the smells, the projects, and pumpkins…. It is much more enjoyable to take on projects both inside the house and out, and that is exactly what we are doing. On top of our house projects, if you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed a little organization happened this past rainy weekend. Oh, did that feel good. I did start building again, and I hope I can get plans and cut list up, sooner than later. Since I don’t have a project completed or an update to share, I wanted to take a step back and offer some motivational thoughts that we here at the LMB household live by, it’s called What’s Next?

The Concept

What’s Next… seems quite simple and maybe a little stupid, but let me explain. In the military a common phrase that is tossed around is, complacency kills. As horrific and harsh as that might sound, it is true. That moment when you become too comfortable with a routine;  whether it is an active duty deployed service member standing duty, or if it’s a mother driving her kids to school. The second you lose focus in what you are doing, and become too comfortable you are at extreme risk. This same concept can be applied in a variety of aspects, especially that of your success.

Fight Comfort

It is too easy to get lost in comfort. I have witnessed many friends leave the military or graduate college with focused eyes and driven hearts, but they fall victim to easy living. The common example of finding a job that pays well, and the people are nice, but it isn’t what you want to be doing; don’t lose sight on the dream and the goals. What’s next, is the concept everyone should wake up asking themselves. Thinking it through in your head gets your mind prepared and planned for the activities and goals that await you.

What's Next- (1)

It’s no secret, LMB and I have an issue with standing still. Every time we sit, we both are panning through our rolodex of ideas in our head and think what’s next. What’s the next project for the house… What’s the next move for the blog… what’s the next Netflix show we are going to watch because we have binged three different shows while we respond to emails, edit photos, and type up blog posts. What’s next? Now please don’t get me wrong, there are many flowers to smell, and pumpkins to eat, but as many know life isn’t slowing down. What’s next for your future?

Index cards and life

When I was an instructor (teacher) in the Marine Corps, I would always make it a point to offer this mediocre attempt at a motivational speech, and I would always correlate it with this weird science project/experiment thing about projection we did in elementary. And now you my friends get to enjoy in the fun.

The Experiment

The experiment consisted of a laser sitting on the ground and 5 index cards evenly spaced out, in line with one another. The center of the index card was marked with a pen, and then set on the ground. The line of index cards reached about 10 yards; the first index card was nearly touching the laser and the furthest, was well 10 yards away. You very so gently bump the laser in one direction and record the amount of movement from center. The first one, the tiniest fraction of movement, almost un-recordable. The next index card, very minor but noticeable movement, the third card, even more, to a point when you reached the last card it was nearly at the edge.


Each of these cards can easily be translated as markers in your life. Markers of your career, financial success, just overall future. Starting with today, that index card right in front of you, projecting all the way out to 10, 20 years. When you are planning for what’s next, every decision you make is essentially moving that laser more and more. You may not recognize the significance in going back to school, or applying for that dream job that pays less, but you are making a movement.



LMB and I are riding this journey with goals in mind trying to find our success. Although we don’t consider ourselves successful right now, we are making as much movement as possible. Fight comfort, fight being stagnant, and start thinking about what’s next for you. I can’t guarantee you will be successful just by making plans for yourself, but I can guarantee that you are on the right path and in the right mindset.


Well friends, that is all for today. I promise more builds will be hitting the blog and a review of an awesome DIY tool. Find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and let me know what you think of today’s post. Thanks.



  1. Hello,
    I have been following your blog and really admire your AMAZING woodworking product designs.I love your old home and your Forever home is everything one could want! I eagerly follow and await to see the next instalment on your site. I laughed at your wonderful tongue-in cheek article about new tools!!! It really is all about the home and creating it together , isn’t it?
    Thanks again for your wonderful articles and wooden product D.I.Y designs and tutorials: so inspiring.

    P.S. I am technically on L.M.B’s., emailing list but don’t receive emails.I follow her on pinterest and through other blogs.

    Thanks again and best wishes to you both.

    • craftsmandrive@gmail.com says:

      Thanks Donna, that means so much to me. I hope I can bring you so new plans soon. Thank you for reading.

  2. Maritza Parlade says:

    Hi Jose,

    I just recently stumbled upon your lovely wife’s blog (she is fantastic) and I am a firm believer that things in life come along your way for a reason. I began to read your blog and have to say that this one spoke volumes to me. How just a simple “What’s Next?” can change ones perspective in life. Thank you for those words of encouragement, I really needed it today:)

    • craftsmandrive@gmail.com says:

      Wow! Thank you so much Maritza. Thank you for the kind words, and for reading. I hope I can put some more post out like that, just to help communicate to people. Thanks again for reading.

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