Why you need a Miter Saw

Hello and Happy Monday! LMB and myself are having so much fun this summer with the big move to our new farmhouse and helping keep up The Found Cottage. I can’t believe The Found Cottage has been open for over 6 months now, and the overwhelming amount of support from both local Michiganders to people across the state. LMB and her two other partners in crime, have been doing such an amazing job, I was so happy to give them a hand in opening the doors. The adventures at the farmhouse have also been so much fun. I have to say for a DIY blogger couple, right now our biggest challenge is where to start first. “So much room for activities.” While our hopes and dreams begin to be imagined, the DIY list piles up. I am trying to get in the new routine of just life being in a new home, let alone figuring out my DIY schedule and blogging time. LMB posted the home tour video a few weeks back, I think Mr. LMB should do a Garage/Workshop tour soon, but not right now (it turned into our temporary hoard dumping sight). Since we are on the topic of garage, and we are between some really good projects, I wanted to take some time to share with you a quick post of one of the most important power tool in the DIY arsenal, the Miter Saw.


But First… Weekend Recap!

Again another rainy weekend, while I missed it earlier in summer, I am ready for some straight sunshine. I have a new paint sprayer from Graco that I haven’t been able to put there the ringer yet.

We rented a sander from Sunbelt. The sander was brand new, and needless to say, its coated now with old 1800-something floor dust. Yes, we finally sanded out the dining room floor, and got some pieces back into the room.

More work needs to be done, but we are getting there. LMB just put it up on the blog, so be sure to head over (here). 

We painted our entryway from the back door, and what a change that was. So much bigger and brighter. Also threw some paint on the walls in the back sun room. For now, that room will be temporarily done until we can get to the floors. 

Even when LMB puts stuff in a pile she makes it good… goodness sake.

We ate at one of our the best deli’s shops in Grand Rapids, Two Beards… If you are in the area check it out, they make a bunch of different sandwiches and subs, all named after people with facial hair.. HAHA genius. I had the Hagrid, two thumbs up from me!

We did a little picking Sunday, and found one of our favorite pieces we have been searching for, for a very long time. So exciting, you’ll have to wait to find out.

The Review

Years back, before I started my adventure in DIY, and before LMB was… LMB, I had to buy and build up my workshop. Being a young married couple, it took months of saving, before I could feasibly buy any major tool. Reflecting back on that, I wish I would have stumbled upon a review that would have told me, what to buy, and when to buy it. Unfortunately, my first power tool, not including a drill, that I bought was a portable table saw. My thinking was, I could make miter-like cuts with it as well as rip longer strips of plywood or bead board, as true as that is, I made a mistake.

Miter cuts were not as clean as you had hoped, having to drag longer pieces of wood perfectly straight across the table, I ended up borrowing a circular saw to really speed up the projects. Needless to say, the next power tool I added to my workshop was the miter saw. I thought about buying the circular saw to compliment the table saw, but the quick and ease of use, with minimal effort, and the ability to cut at different angles both laterally and vertically, pushed me to the miter saw.


Before I get into the details of a DIY friendly saw, I don’t want to deter anyone from thinking they can’t enjoy doing most of the projects that are out there because they do not have a miter saw.  Most home improvement stores will cut nearly anything for you, from ripping strips of plywood, to cutting off a few inches of a 2×4. However, having the miter saw in the workshop really opens up the flood gates, and that is why I have deemed it a DIY Must have.

Ryobi Miter 1

My Saw

The saw that I use right now is the Ryobi 15 Amp 12 inch Sliding Miter Saw + laser, and I have to say, hands down the best 12 inch miter saw I have had. If you are in the market for a miter saw, this one has my full endorsement and recommendation, and I’ll explain why.

Ryobi Miter 2

What I look for

The number one feature that I am looking for in a miter saw, is that it is has the slide feature. What the slide feature allows for you to do is extend and retract the saw to accomplish cuts that may measure out further than baseline pivot point. The next features I was looking for in my miter saw was the ability not only cut straight, but also easy access to miter cuts and bevel cuts, which is essentially angle cuts at both the vertical and horizontal planes of the blade. The vertical bevel was put to use when I put up the shiplap in our dinning room. I used a scarf joint on most of the shiplap to hide the joints. I will write up a blog post on scarf joints and why they are the best way to hide joints for everything. The horizontal pivoted plane cuts (miter cuts) is very nice when building items that have a 90 degree turn, and you want to join two 45 degree pieces together. I use this often when making DIY picture frames for LMB, and want that 45 degree angle corner.

Ryobi Miter 3

The last feature, and this is an added perk that isn’t completely necessary, but really handy, the laser marker. My saw came out of the box in line without needing adjustments. It kicks out a line across the cutting area, the bigger perk this has played in my DIY projects, is when it comes to cutting those unique pieces of molding or old architecture décor. Pieces that have unique curves and grooves that make it almost a nightmare to lineup on the miter saw to a penciled mark. The laser marker allows for the laser to be projected on the piece, and as you pull down the saw blade, to a point where the teeth are nearly touch the piece that is on the chopping block, the laser will wrap around the front of the piece to provide that added angle of assurance before pulling the trigger.

I couldn’t be happier with this saw, and highly-highly recommend it for any DIY’er out there. This thing has a count of cuts in the thousands, and still the same original blade. The pull down, bevels, saw collector bag, all in perfect order and ready for the next project. Very minimal maintenance, and I promise you will not be disappointed. Well friends, that is  Please be sure to find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram until next time, I have a blank garage with nothing but ideas. So hopefully something get put into motion, and a new DIY build with instruction will hit this week. Thank you and I hope you had a great weekend.



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