Where’s Craftsman Drive???

  Craftsman Drive has moved...  Head over to The White Cottage Farm (here) for projects new and old. … [Read more...]

Never Stopping and Always Inspiring – Our Anniversary

Hello-Hello! Today is a special day for LMB and myself, we tied the knot 9 years ago today. We were young, and had no idea what we were doing, but we knew we didn't want anything else. I like to take these very fast years of our marriage and reflect on some wonderful moments of year 9, because to me this marriage is one big adventure, with one of the strongest and inspiring people in the world. This little gal has my heart. From the early morning coffee to the... "I JUST WANT TO GO TO BED... STOP COMING UP WITH PROJECTS!!!" She doesn't stop moving, and I do my best to catch up with her everyday. This fun new estate is what we have dreamed about 9 years ago. We are having so much fun changing, and making it ours, while learning what God has planned for us. We can't wait to chase the little niños around in the near future. The projects keep going and we keep laughing. We wake up every morning, and go to bed every night thankful for no more deployments, duties, and … [Read more...]

What’s Next? Finding Success with Simple Motivation

Tis the season for projects. Summer is slowly cooling down, clearing the path for my favorite season... Fall! I love summer, but Fall is my season. The baking, the color, the smells, the projects, and pumpkins.... It is much more enjoyable to take on projects both inside the house and out, and that is exactly what we are doing. On top of our house projects, if you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed a little organization happened this past rainy weekend. Oh, did that feel good. I did start building again, and I hope I can get plans and cut list up, sooner than later. Since I don't have a project completed or an update to share, I wanted to take a step back and offer some motivational thoughts that we here at the LMB household live by, it's called What's Next? The Concept What's Next... seems quite simple and maybe a little stupid, but let me explain. In the military a common phrase that is tossed around is, complacency kills. As horrific and harsh as that might sound, it is … [Read more...]

4 Reasons You Should be happy when your wife asks you to do a DIY project

DIY DIY DIY! In recent years, the DIY market has really grown back into its original form. People are trying to get high dollar looks for pennies, and the number one way you can do that is by doing it yourself. To those husbands, whose wife thinks so highly of them, and they can do anything... This one is for you. 4 Reasons You Should Be happy When Your Wife asks to do a DIY project. 1. Add to the collection I have collected many tools over the years. I can turn wood with my Delta lathe, bend it with my Rockler Steam Bending Box, cut, drill, and route anything with my Ryobi arsenal. This is all due to a good sales pitch. There is great opportunity to add a new tool to the family with the help of a good sales pitch. If you need help or a place to start these have pretty high success rates with LMB: Yes, I would love to you, but I think i'm going to need...[New Tool]. Yeah I should be able to do that job with what I have... may take me a bit longer since I don't have a [New … [Read more...]

To The Non-confident Handyman: The Future of Craftsman Drive

Hello All! This is a blog from left field. It’s Sunday night and LMB and I are now back home. As exhausted and excited we are to be home, we cannot tell you how much fun we both had at the Haven Conference this weekend. For those of you who don’t know about the Haven Conference, it is a wonderful-inspiring conference that welcomes, teaches, and introduces DIY bloggers to one another and various vendors. This conference is filled with all different levels of bloggers from the famous Miss Mustard Seed to a few people that started their blogs days before they came. The Haven Conference really strives to bring this wonderful community together to help each and every one grow just as a big family. While LMB has had the pleasure to attend and even speak at this event in the prior years, this year she brought me along to meet many of these wonderful bloggers that have grown alongside her, motivated her, and helped her stay on track with this wonderful career she is still creating. This … [Read more...]

DIY Primitive Dinning Room Table

Hi guys, welcome back. If you keep up with LMB's Instagram, she posted a sneak peek of a primitive dinning room table last week, and well here it is. The DIY primitive dinning room table was a real fun build and actually inspired by last months magazine from  Anthropologie. I tried to find a digital copy of the magazine with the picture in it, however I could not, so I tried my best to take a picture of the inspiration. The items about the table that inspired me was the simplicity and elagnance of the table with the tapered edges and slim line table top. The legs I really took appreciation for because of the chunk and scrapes along the edges. The Build. I purchased the same materials as my previous DIY Farmhouse Table, with the exception of the legs. I purchased 4 2x4. The top was the first step of this build, and I used the pre-fabricated tongue in groove pine. I used Gorilla Glue for the joints, following the instructions, damp the mating surface with a wet rag and … [Read more...]

Grand Haven Day Trip

Hey Guys, I was going through the blog and realized I have done a lot of tutorials over the past few months and nothing else; so I wanted to chime in and share a fun trip LMB and I went on this past weekend. Since we have moved back to the lovely state of MI, and have truly enjoyed rediscovering our home state. We have been talking about a winter day trip to Grand Haven, MI for years, and finally we did it. Grand Haven is home to childhood memories, a huge Coast Guard festival, but more importantly it is home to where Mr. and Mrs. LMB got engaged. Grand Haven usually offers up some pretty cool shots during the winter with ice formation along the lighthouse and pier, helps you forget how cold it is outside and it allows you to soak in all of the beauty. A trip to Grand Haven wouldn't be complete without a stop at Pronto Pups, a world famous corndog stand, today was the last day it was open until summer and this weekends' proceeds went to the Hospice Residence of … [Read more...]

Dream Kitchen Planning

As you already know LMB and myself will be moving back up to the warm state of Michigan come November. We are currently renovating our next home, and getting it ready for us to move back. A few things have been done already, and a few things are going to wait for when we are there. The current decisions that are being discussed in the LMB household is our kitchen. Since one of my hobbies is cooking (eating), having a beautiful and functional kitchen space is one my top priorities for this renovation. I want my dream kitchen to be home to some of my favorite meals (tacos and... tacos) and the current state of the kitchen in our next home is non-existent, I mean floorboards and walls. We are picking everything out from the flooring, to the cabinets, countertops and light fixtures. And here a few inspirational pieces the we have found along the way. {For all sources click here}  Any kitchen space is inherently messy, it is home to crumbs, spills, splatters, and OOPS's; an in order to … [Read more...]

DIY Pallet Popcorn Cart

Hey Guys, finally back in the NC from a busy trip home to Michigan. My little sister graduated this year, and we got lucky enough to be home for it. While we were home, my mother scheduled her open house a few days later before we headed back down south. My mom, like always, went over the top for my sisters open house, and decorated it to the "T". As soon as we showed up to Michigan she put LMB and myself to work. She wanted us to make a DIY pallet popcorn cart, so with the help of my stepfather, this is how it turned out. The Materials. (2) Wood Pallets (1) 1/2 inch pipe (6) Square Deck Spindles (2) Wooden Wheels (1) 3/4 x 12 x 38 Wood Board (7) 8in Letters (1) Can of Spray Pain (Cherry by Krylon) (2) Barbell Collars (1) 2 x4 Hot Glue Stick Wood Screws Nails Burlap The Tools. Drill Level 1/2 inch Spade Bit Hammer Chalk Reel Circular Saw Miter Saw Builders Square Tape Measure Hacksaw Metal File The Build. Along the outside of the third support board … [Read more...]

8 Things I wish I knew Before Moving

The move is done and the house is staged. We have been in the house over a week now and if you have been keeping up with LMB, you have seen a few updates on how we made it our home. Not many projects have come across the bench, and a few weeks have gone since my last post. I wanted to give you a list of a 8 things I wish I knew before moving. A few unforeseen lessons learned from this move that helped us get our home staged so quickly. 1. Box items based on priority. Regardless if you are doing a local transplant or a nationwide relocation, I highly recommend boxing up everything using a priority system. As you begin to box up your house, number them starting with one, and set a generic label to remind you what is in the box, and possibly what room the box should be left in. If you get a beat on moving you will box up items that are not very important for day-to-day living or are less of a priority. When the actual moving date gets closer, do not box items base on location in the … [Read more...]

DIY Laptop Tray

Hey guys! Sorry again for gap between post. We are in the process of moving, and that has been eating up a lot of our time. However, last weekend I squeezed in an easy and simple DIY project before I packed up the tools. LMB and myself do spend a few hours each night on the laptops, between blogging, social media, and school work, and they can get annoyingly hot. LMB has an older MacBook, and after about 20 minutes on the lap or the covers (when blogging in bed), it begins to sound like a small military aircraft starting up in our house. We had tucked away, handy folders and textbooks, to put under the laptops to keep the bottom cool and allow for the fan to breath, but that became a little annoying; especially if the book is in "no-man's land" (bedtime no-man's land = if an object(s) cannot not be reached while maintaining at least one leg on the bed, it is in no man's land.). So I decided to make my own DIY laptop tray, out of scrap wood and a few items we had around. Here is how it … [Read more...]

Fitbit Flex Review

Hey Guys, sorry for such a long gap between posts. We are in the middle of selling our home and moving, so projects have been on the back burner, but your patience will pay off. We have some great ideas and projects coming up for our possible rental(click here for a video). 3 weeks ago, LMB finally upgraded her old iPhone 4, yes iPhone 4, "s" was not included. Like most stores, the more your spend the bigger the discount; and like most guys, if your wife is getting a new gadget, you MUST get a new gadget it too. As an active person, I purchased the Fitbit Flex, and here is my review. The Features. Out of the box, you have to charge the Fitbit to at least 3 dots. As soon as it is charged, you set up your account and dashboard. Here you put your info (height, weight, age, and goals). You can choose what is going to be your primary monitored goal (steps, distance, calories, or active minutes).  From there, strap up and walk on. As you move about your day a progressive 5 dots … [Read more...]

Dollar Shave Club Review

  Welcome back. LMB and myself have had a lot going on over the last week, getting ready to sell our home, looking for a rental, ultimately getting ready to move back to Michigan at the end of the year. We have tackled a few projects this week, that will be hitting the blog in a few days, so stay tuned. As for today, I have had a few inquires about this thing called the Dollar Shave Club, with no idea what it was, I went an checked it out, and here is my review. I Started with dollarshaveclub.com to get a little bit of information; and was greeted with the greatest advertisement my eyes have be witnessed to. When it comes to marketing and drawing in customers, mission accomplished. I became a member, and DSC offers three different types of blades to order: The Humble Twin, The 4x, and The Executive. All hand picked high quality razors, representing the best 2 blade, 4 blade, and 6 blade razors on the market. The order includes replacement cartridges that will last until your next … [Read more...]

DIY Rustic Bathroom Shelves

Hey there! Hope everyone had a great weekend. We had an awesome weekend, my mother came to visit, a little warm weather here in NC, and LMB got a sweet thrifted bike (check out her Instagram for the latest cruising shots).  Anyway, our house will be going up on the market very soon, so easy and cheap upgrades have been on our to-do list. Rumor has it, there is never enough storage, so we added even more storage in our bathroom. A few weeks ago, we added floating shelves to our water closet; this week we added rustic bathroom shelves above the vanity. It was really easy, and took about 45 minutes to fully install.  Here is how they turned out. The Materials: (2) 2"x8" cut to 3ft. (4) 90 degree 7 1/4" x 9 1/2" brackets. (8) 90 degree 1"x1" brackets. (8) Drywall anchors with screws. (24) Screws 1 Can Spray Paint (for brackets and screws) Special Walnut Stain or stain of your choice The Tools: Drill Level Stud Finder Sanding block The Technique: First, determine … [Read more...]

February 2014 Birchbox Men

I've noticed a few months have gone by since I have reviewed my monthly Birchbox. If you do not know what Birchbox is, head to my last review (here), you are missing out. I am a subscriber to Birchbox, that my wife signed me up for when they started selling Men's boxes, and like I said in my last Brichbox post, it is Christmas in your mail box every month. I am going to do better with giving you guys a monthly review of each months Birchbox, as for this month, it was a good one, with a new must have to put in your closet. February 2014 Box My favorite item so far out of this Birchbox are the Power Stay, shirt stays, by würkin stiffs (Price: $20.00). I wore them for the first time out at dinner on Valentine's Day with LMB, and I will be ordering a few more for my other shirts. They are easy to install, slide them into the shirt stay spot under the collar, and place the incredibly strong little magnets on the inside of your shirt. No more awkward floating collars like your an extra … [Read more...]

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