I am Mr. LMB, the hands in Liz Marie Blog’s projects. I am a 26-year-old Pure Michigander, currently living at the birthplace of Pepsi, New Bern, NC. I enjoy all aspects of Americana, especially the rustic and vintage. I am a baseball fanatic, and love and support all things Michigan. My lovely wife has created an amazing blog that has become a large part of our lives. As an active component in the continuous evolution of room after room, as you have all seen at Liz Mare blog; and due to the demand for project instructions from the past, I have been inspired to create a blog myself to color in some of the gray areas from the project’s we take on. Each post brings a new adventure in our house, from building furniture, improving the house, or hunting for antiques; we both continue to learn while enjoying each other’s company. A few months ago we came up with the idea of Craftsman Drive, documenting my side of these experiences from the idea’s to the trial and errors.

Thank you for visiting my blog I truly appreciate every single person that stops by, feel free to say or or ask questions at Thank you and enjoy.



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