Must Have Monday #1

I have been asked to put together items that I have considered to be "must have," for the house, the blogger, or the everyday guy. Obviously, everyone needs to have the basic hammer, tape measure, level, and screw driver; my new series of "Must Have Monday" are going to cover the other items for the toolbox that once you obtain them, you won't know how to function without them. For us amateur woodworkers, or the household handyman or handy-woman, installing screws into a piece of wood seems to be a daily task; and we all have fallen victim to that one screw that wants to put up a fight, and hold its head up higher than all of the others like an unsightly hang-nail, waiting for the untimely moment to catch itself on something like clothing or your shin. The more you attempt to drive the screw down into the wood, in the hope it will become flush, SNAP! The wood cracks and splits, ruining your day. About a year ago, I discovered what is now, one of my favorite items in my toolbox, … [Read more...]

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