Black Bean Hummus Dip

Okay everyone, it is a New Year, and what does that mean... New diet! With the Superbowl fast approaching and an upcoming party threatening your New Year resolution, I have a great recipe that will have you checking your pantry and making a grocery list. For everyone on the new and improved diet, this black bean hummus dip will not compromise that new diet, so feel free to have seconds without self loathing, keeping you from falling off of the wagon until Valentine's Day. If you are unaware, LMB and myself really enjoy grabbing a good meal around town, and we have a few local go-to spots that have become almost routine. One of our favorite lunch spots offers a free appetizer of black bean hummus dip, with corn tortilla chips. I am not a big hummus guy, but some days I wish they would offer just this dip as a full meal. This inspired me to go out and find a recipe like theirs, because I needed it in my life on the daily. After searching the edge of the internet and back I found a few … [Read more...]

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