On Deck Build: An Olde Revamp is coming soon.

Hello-Hello. I have been in an out these past few weeks, with projects and updates, and thank you for all of the support from last weeks nesting boxes, fun and easy build that looks to have gone over very well. I looked through my DIY projects and laugh a some, and surprised by others, how time has gone by. To this very day, my number one viewed project and general build inquires are from my very first shared DIY, my DIY TV Stand. I built this actually a week or two before I posted it, didn't really know how to formulate a How-To very well (still don't). I have noticed a lot of my questions have formulated around gray areas of confusion with my directions, and reading back through it, I agree very confusing. So... my very next build in the lineup is going to be a revamp of my DIY TV Stand, with better instructions, better pictures, maybe even a little video (no promises). Hopefully I can shine some light on that build, and add just touches of experience I have obtained along my … [Read more...]

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