Re-purposed Card Catalog

Welcome-Welcome! LMB and myself have been scheming this past weekend with new projects for the house, and yes we haven't really finished any of the ones we have started, but that'll come one day...I hope. Here is a little recap of our adventures on top of our re-purposed card catalog. Weekend Recap Let's see... we painted a bunch of end tables with our new Graco Paint Sprayer, oh and a cement rabbit lawn ornament, and a rickety rocking chair ...  I've come to realize, Left Over paint + Trigger happy LMB, everything and anything was up to be painted. I will be doing a post on it, hopefully sometime this week. We hung a barn door slider in the dining room, it turned out great, check out LMB's Instagram (here), for a, "before the post," sneak peak. Grand Rapids, had a tough weekend with a tornado, which is a rare scene for us up here. Started in on our front living room, and found some really cool stuff. Which got me thinking, what new tools do I need to finish that room … [Read more...]

What’s Next? Finding Success with Simple Motivation

Tis the season for projects. Summer is slowly cooling down, clearing the path for my favorite season... Fall! I love summer, but Fall is my season. The baking, the color, the smells, the projects, and pumpkins.... It is much more enjoyable to take on projects both inside the house and out, and that is exactly what we are doing. On top of our house projects, if you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed a little organization happened this past rainy weekend. Oh, did that feel good. I did start building again, and I hope I can get plans and cut list up, sooner than later. Since I don't have a project completed or an update to share, I wanted to take a step back and offer some motivational thoughts that we here at the LMB household live by, it's called What's Next? The Concept What's Next... seems quite simple and maybe a little stupid, but let me explain. In the military a common phrase that is tossed around is, complacency kills. As horrific and harsh as that might sound, it is … [Read more...]

4 Reasons You Should be happy when your wife asks you to do a DIY project

DIY DIY DIY! In recent years, the DIY market has really grown back into its original form. People are trying to get high dollar looks for pennies, and the number one way you can do that is by doing it yourself. To those husbands, whose wife thinks so highly of them, and they can do anything... This one is for you. 4 Reasons You Should Be happy When Your Wife asks to do a DIY project. 1. Add to the collection I have collected many tools over the years. I can turn wood with my Delta lathe, bend it with my Rockler Steam Bending Box, cut, drill, and route anything with my Ryobi arsenal. This is all due to a good sales pitch. There is great opportunity to add a new tool to the family with the help of a good sales pitch. If you need help or a place to start these have pretty high success rates with LMB: Yes, I would love to you, but I think i'm going to need...[New Tool]. Yeah I should be able to do that job with what I have... may take me a bit longer since I don't have a [New … [Read more...]

To The Non-confident Handyman: The Future of Craftsman Drive

Hello All! This is a blog from left field. It’s Sunday night and LMB and I are now back home. As exhausted and excited we are to be home, we cannot tell you how much fun we both had at the Haven Conference this weekend. For those of you who don’t know about the Haven Conference, it is a wonderful-inspiring conference that welcomes, teaches, and introduces DIY bloggers to one another and various vendors. This conference is filled with all different levels of bloggers from the famous Miss Mustard Seed to a few people that started their blogs days before they came. The Haven Conference really strives to bring this wonderful community together to help each and every one grow just as a big family. While LMB has had the pleasure to attend and even speak at this event in the prior years, this year she brought me along to meet many of these wonderful bloggers that have grown alongside her, motivated her, and helped her stay on track with this wonderful career she is still creating. This … [Read more...]

DIY Window Greenhouse

In the LMB household, one of our favorite things to do is going to flea markets and antique shows. The vendors we meet, the friends we run into, and the atmosphere of the whole experience has us addicted. Countless times we come across standalone windows, stacked up in the corner at a great deal. As you have seen in my previous post, DIY Window Cabinet and DIY Floor Window Cabinet, I like taking old windows and bringing them into the house to be used. For this DIY I decided to build something for the outdoors, and since the warm weather has finally arrived in Michigan, I decided to build a DIY Window Greenhouse. Here is how it turned out. This has to be the easiest DIY build yet. The hardest part about this project is finding the windows, but once you have a set, the entire project can be done in less than 15 minutes. First screw three of the window together at 90 degree angles, ultimately makes a "U". I ripped a 1 x 4 (really 1 x 3 1/2) right in half making it … [Read more...]

DIY Spindle Bench

When decorating and staging a room, finding that perfect piece for the particular spot can quickly become a wild goose chase. You may have an idea in your head, or had to have an inspirational piece of furniture that would anchor the room that you would later decorate around. Countless searches on the internet or trips to the local boutique or antique store does not have what you want, what do you do? You build it. The best way to fit something into that last spot in a room, may take a little brainstorming to get exactly what you want, but with a couple tricks you will get exactly what you want, and save some cash while doing it. Here is how our DIY Spindle Bench. Before we get into the build and materials, let me share some tricks to building a piece for a specific room. Tip 1: Use something in the room and build it into your piece. (We took this literally on this build, don't ruin one of a kinds, find something similar to that special piece). Visually strip away any … [Read more...]

DIY Window Floor Cabinet

Hello everyone! I hope everyone has shaken off the winter weather, and is ready to dive right into summer. While we are just past our first full year back in Michigan, I tried a few times to sell LMB on moving back to the NC, especially when the forecast had flurries and inches of accumulation in April. Well needless to say, no plans on moving, at least back to NC, but we are definitely looking forward to the warmer months ahead. We have a few projects in the on-deck circle getting ready to hit the blog, and the one I am going to share today is very similar to my previous post, DIY Window Cabinet, but this one is much larger and is meant to fit in those little nooks or that small walls that transitions between rooms. Here is how it turned out.   In order to build this DIY, you will need a much larger window to be used as a door. We found this one on one of our picking trips last fall, and couldn't really find a good place for it by itself, so we decided to use it for … [Read more...]

DIY Window Bookshelf

Hey Guys, welcome back readers and welcome back sunshine. As the weather begins to climb the ladder towards summer, LMB and myself are becoming much more inspired to create some fun and exciting projects for both inside an outside the home, that breaks from the trend of tables and benches. When I build I tend to focus a lot of attention on perfection. The perfect cut, the perfect angle, the perfect wood...ect. This build really challenged me, because I was using older and weather wooden windows that were missing pieces and not planed or straight on all sides, but the idea of this bookshelf was to create something of use and decorative, out of windows with broken glass panes or non-existent glass all together. This week we created a window bookshelf from some old antique windows and added chicken wire to fill our void. Here is how it turned out.  Now if you are like LMB and myself, and purchase or find old windows along multiple junkin' outings, you most likely have a variety of … [Read more...]

DIY Buffet Server

HELLO! Craftsman Drive has finally come out of the hibernation, and is ready for spring. I have had a few projects in the works over the past weeks, but settling into our new home, finding all my tools, and enjoying a Michigan winter again, have put a couple posts on the back burner. I apologize for the lengthy hiatus, but I am back, and get ready for some fun and easy DIY's to hit the site. As you probably know from following LMB we have moved into a smaller home, with some unique spaces. The house has challenged us to get really creative to build and design some ascetically pleasing pieces, but get the most out of them as far as storage and practicality with a minimal footprint. I really like making buffets and tables, so here is what I came up with for a smaller DIY buffet server for our nook area. The top, is a rough 2 x 8 @ 8ft piece of fir from The Home Depot, that I cut in half for each side of the top. The actual measurement for the lumber was 8' 1/4'', so it was … [Read more...]

Grand Haven Day Trip

Hey Guys, I was going through the blog and realized I have done a lot of tutorials over the past few months and nothing else; so I wanted to chime in and share a fun trip LMB and I went on this past weekend. Since we have moved back to the lovely state of MI, and have truly enjoyed rediscovering our home state. We have been talking about a winter day trip to Grand Haven, MI for years, and finally we did it. Grand Haven is home to childhood memories, a huge Coast Guard festival, but more importantly it is home to where Mr. and Mrs. LMB got engaged. Grand Haven usually offers up some pretty cool shots during the winter with ice formation along the lighthouse and pier, helps you forget how cold it is outside and it allows you to soak in all of the beauty. A trip to Grand Haven wouldn't be complete without a stop at Pronto Pups, a world famous corndog stand, today was the last day it was open until summer and this weekends' proceeds went to the Hospice Residence of … [Read more...]

DIY Mason Jar Hold

Hey Guys! Welcome back to Craftsman Drive. The past two months have been very busy and chaotic in the LMB household, as I am sure you already know... leaving NC, departing the military, and coming home to the good ole MI, not to mention the holidays. Well I am happy to say, we are finally close to being settled in, and projects are in the works. LMB wanted to revisit an old project we did a while ago, way before Craftsman Drive, the DIY Mason Jar Holder. She has been receiving some inquires about some tips and tricks to building the DIY Mason Jar Holder, and so we built a few new ones, and here is the tutorial revamped. The Material. 4 - 4 inch diameter Pipe Clamps 4 - Wide mouth Mason Jars 1 - 1 x 4 Board (Pine) 4 - 1/2 inch self tapping metal screws Picture hanger Paint of choice The Tools. Drill Center Punch Hammer Tape measure Pencil Locate where you want to fasten the pipe clamp to the board, pace a mason jar in the pipe clamp and tighten it down. Rest the … [Read more...]

DIY Slotted Wood Table Top

Welcome back! It has been a very busy summer for LMB and I. We have a few project completed already but I haven't been able to put it up on the blog. If you coming over from LMB's latest post and want to know how to add a little rustic touch to your already existing coffee table, you are in the right spot. This DIY Slotted Wood Table Top is a really easy way to upgrade an older piece of furniture, and here is how it turned out. The Tools. Miter Saw Tap Measure Drill Drill Bit Nails The Materials. 1/4 thick Plywood (12) 1 x 3 inch boards. (4) 2 1/2 inch brackets Stain Hammer C-Clamp Dremel with polisher tip (optional) First, determine the dimensions of the already existing table top. Our table was originally from World Market, and it measured at 29 inches x 48 inches. I market out my plywood and cut to the same measurements as the table top. After the plywood is cut, determine how much overhang, if any, you want for your slotted wood top (we choose not to have any … [Read more...]

Fitbit Flex Review

Hey Guys, sorry for such a long gap between posts. We are in the middle of selling our home and moving, so projects have been on the back burner, but your patience will pay off. We have some great ideas and projects coming up for our possible rental(click here for a video). 3 weeks ago, LMB finally upgraded her old iPhone 4, yes iPhone 4, "s" was not included. Like most stores, the more your spend the bigger the discount; and like most guys, if your wife is getting a new gadget, you MUST get a new gadget it too. As an active person, I purchased the Fitbit Flex, and here is my review. The Features. Out of the box, you have to charge the Fitbit to at least 3 dots. As soon as it is charged, you set up your account and dashboard. Here you put your info (height, weight, age, and goals). You can choose what is going to be your primary monitored goal (steps, distance, calories, or active minutes).  From there, strap up and walk on. As you move about your day a progressive 5 dots … [Read more...]

DIY Buffet Table

Hey Guys! If you are stopping by from LMB, and just finished reading her post, "Spring Dinning Room," welcome. If not, welcome anyway, but make sure you swing LMB and learn how to style the buffet you are about to build. We have received a lot of interest on how to build the buffet that was featured in the post, and this is how you can build one for your space. When I built the DIY Rustic TV Stand, I went through a few trial and errors, but after I got the hang of it, I wanted to build another one. As guys do, If I am going to build something, I want it to be as big as I can possibly get away with. The overall length of this piece is 8 ft long and it gives you plenty of room for storage.   The Materials: 7 - 2"x8" 3 - 2"x4" 7 - 2"x2" 1 - 1"x4" Wood Filler Wood Screws The Tools: Drill Countersink Drill Bit Drill Bit KregJig Miter Saw Sander Level The Dimensions: Legs : (HT) 32"  |  (WT) 17 1/2 " Base (Legs and Support): (Length) 91 3/4"  |  (Width) 17 … [Read more...]

Must Have Monday #4

Welcome back to another Must Have Monday. This week is two fold, a multi-tool and an attachment, a must have for everyone in the DIY business. This weeks feature is the rotary tool by Dremel, and the attachment is the planer attachment that has saved my butt a few times in a couple builds. First, we will cover the Dremel rotary tool, and how everyone has to go get one. The one I have is the 4000 High Performance Rotary Tool, and it has come in handy quite a few times. The tool allows for a multitude of different attachments the can tackle almost any job thrown at you in the DIY world. The tool rotary speed can be adjusted to fit different needs for tools like cutters, routers, sanders, buffers, sharpeners, and this weeks attachment a planer, can be quickly changed out to keep the project rolling and get you inside in time for dinner. Over time I have obtained a few different attachments, that I will feature down the road, but as of lately the one that I have been using over and … [Read more...]

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