Must Have Monday #5

Welcome back to another Must Have Monday, this week we are putting a tool in your pocket, without taking a lot of money out of it. The feature presentation is a pocket ruler with a sliding gauge. This little tool has come in handy saving  some stress on the eyes and brain, by easily transferring measurements from piece to piece. The Works Take a measurement with the ruler and slide gauge. Keeping the slide bar in place, that measurement will be readily available to you. No pencil needed, let the slide bar hold the measurement for you. LMB and myself, recently placed a new top on our old coffee table. It had these little plugs on the surface of the table. The new top is slotted 2x1s and the board they are mounted to needed to sit flush to the original coffee table. I used my pocket ruler to get a measurement from the plug to each side and transferred that to the backboard. From there I took a large drill bit to the square and drilled a hole, larger than the square, through … [Read more...]

Must Have Monday #4

Welcome back to another Must Have Monday. This week is two fold, a multi-tool and an attachment, a must have for everyone in the DIY business. This weeks feature is the rotary tool by Dremel, and the attachment is the planer attachment that has saved my butt a few times in a couple builds. First, we will cover the Dremel rotary tool, and how everyone has to go get one. The one I have is the 4000 High Performance Rotary Tool, and it has come in handy quite a few times. The tool allows for a multitude of different attachments the can tackle almost any job thrown at you in the DIY world. The tool rotary speed can be adjusted to fit different needs for tools like cutters, routers, sanders, buffers, sharpeners, and this weeks attachment a planer, can be quickly changed out to keep the project rolling and get you inside in time for dinner. Over time I have obtained a few different attachments, that I will feature down the road, but as of lately the one that I have been using over and … [Read more...]

Must Have Monday #3

Another Monday is here, I hope everyone had a good weekend, and your favorite football team won. This coming week is my birthday week, so I figure let's put down the tools, take a break, and enjoy an ice cold brewsky. Last week, LMB and myself went on a little vacation to visit our friends, january jewelry and her husband, in Columbia, SC. They so kindly gave me this awesome birthday gift, the Black and Tan Turtle by Brutul. I cannot believe I lived without this little creature and now I deem it a Must Have! If you are having a Superbowl party, use this tool to throw your guest a fleaflicker to change up the beer options. I am a Michigan native, and I have grown very fond of local micro-brewed beers. Like most who have ventured down this road, there are so many options out there, how do you choose which one you want for your weekend beer? If you enjoy a broad range of beers from dark to light, grab the Black and Tan Turtle and enjoy both in the same glass, while making your beer … [Read more...]

Must Have Monday’s #2

I have been asked to put together items that I have considered to be "must have," for the house, the blogger, or the everyday guy. Obviously, everyone needs to have the basic hammer, tape measure, level, and screw driver; my new series of "Must Have Monday" are going to cover the other items for the toolbox that once you obtain them, you won't know how to function without them. This week's Must Have Monday is a cheap tool that I recommend everyone sneak into their shopping cart next time at their home improvement store, the Pin Contour Gauge. When we installed our backsplash, the only obstacle I came to, that threw me for a loop was cutting the bead board around the window molding, making it as tight to the window as possible. While scouring the internet for a some techniques, I found out about this tool, so I put down the calculator and went out and bought it. My local store is Lowe's, and they were selling a pin contour gauge, by General Tools and Instruments, on their end caps … [Read more...]

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