DIY Christmas Sled

Welcome-Welcome! I want to start out by saying Happy Birthday to all my Marines, it was their birthday yesterday, November 10. Also, Thank you to all Veterans, I know today is their (our) day, but I am truly thankful each and everyday, and try to show it as best I can. It has been a long time since the last post, LMB and myself have been a lot of running around and staying very busy. If you don't keep up with the weekly projects at the LMB house, make sure you check out Liz's Periscope -LizMarieBlog, we have been staying pretty frequent with the weekly posting every Friday night, and we will do our best to continue that. We have a very fun and exciting weekend ahead of us this weekend; we are going to be participating at The Black Sheep Holiday Pop Up and Barn Sale hosted by Binks and the Bad House Wife, if you live in Michigan or even northern Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, come swing by and check it out, we will have some really good vendors joining us, just in time for the unique … [Read more...]

DIY Rustic Bathroom Shelves

Hey there! Hope everyone had a great weekend. We had an awesome weekend, my mother came to visit, a little warm weather here in NC, and LMB got a sweet thrifted bike (check out her Instagram for the latest cruising shots).  Anyway, our house will be going up on the market very soon, so easy and cheap upgrades have been on our to-do list. Rumor has it, there is never enough storage, so we added even more storage in our bathroom. A few weeks ago, we added floating shelves to our water closet; this week we added rustic bathroom shelves above the vanity. It was really easy, and took about 45 minutes to fully install.  Here is how they turned out. The Materials: (2) 2"x8" cut to 3ft. (4) 90 degree 7 1/4" x 9 1/2" brackets. (8) 90 degree 1"x1" brackets. (8) Drywall anchors with screws. (24) Screws 1 Can Spray Paint (for brackets and screws) Special Walnut Stain or stain of your choice The Tools: Drill Level Stud Finder Sanding block The Technique: First, determine … [Read more...]

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