Must Have Monday’s #2

I have been asked to put together items that I have considered to be "must have," for the house, the blogger, or the everyday guy. Obviously, everyone needs to have the basic hammer, tape measure, level, and screw driver; my new series of "Must Have Monday" are going to cover the other items for the toolbox that once you obtain them, you won't know how to function without them. This week's Must Have Monday is a cheap tool that I recommend everyone sneak into their shopping cart next time at their home improvement store, the Pin Contour Gauge. When we installed our backsplash, the only obstacle I came to, that threw me for a loop was cutting the bead board around the window molding, making it as tight to the window as possible. While scouring the internet for a some techniques, I found out about this tool, so I put down the calculator and went out and bought it.┬áMy local store is Lowe's, and they were selling a pin contour gauge, by General Tools and Instruments, on their end caps … [Read more...]

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