DIY TV Stand

Hello everyone & welcome to the first post here on Craftsman Drive. My lovely wife has inspired me to start my own blog about my experience through our DIY journey. So, thank you for stopping by, and please forgive me but some of the blog is still under construction, I wanted to kick off my first official post at the beginning of the New Year. ¬†For my first post it has finally come to you by demand, the instructions for the DIY TV Stand as seen on Liz Marie Blog. As of recent, I have dawned the nickname Mr. LMB, and you can usually see pieces of my arms, hands, and the occasional back of the head photobomb in some of the pictures at Well, ringing in the New Year, I have decided to turn around, facing the camera, offering How-To's of the amazing creations my better half has "influenced" me to build, starting with the highly demanded guide to the DIY TV Stand, and here it is! I took these photo's off of, they are a little old, due to the fact we … [Read more...]

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