Easy DIY Circle Table

In my last post, I mentioned "Buck" our faux deer head, relocated to another spot on the wall in our master bedroom. With the left over mounted base we took that and flipped it into the top of a much needed side table for one of our guest bedroom. We originally bought the round table top from Lowes, a year ago, I believe the price is below $30.00.If you are coming from Lizmarieblog, and liked our DIY Circle table, here is how we did it.   First we sanded and filled any gouges or holes on the table top. After that, I flipped it over and began to plan out where I wanted my legs to be. ++I choose not to put a leg equally apart at one point of a quadrant, because if you were to put the table against a wall or in this case next to the bed, a leg would always stick out in the front, and I did not like the look of that. The round piece of wood is fairly heavy, so the closer to the edge of the table top the better. I drew out a rectangle on the back side of the wood, and placed the … [Read more...]

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